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Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mursyidi, The Inspirative Teacher

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mursyidi established a great career, both in academia and in social services. He has made a lasting impression in the many places where he devoted his life. As a lecture, his students become prominent and contributing members of society.
As a faculty leader, his policies have made significant contributions to the advancement of the faculty. And a socially-conscious member of the community, his active stance on social issues earned him respect among the peers.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mursyidi came from humble beginnings. However, it was in the early stages of his life where he found the spirit and the motivation to be a contributing member of society. Through the piety of his family, he received the seed to grow as an active in various religious organizations and affairs. Currently he is active in Forum Ukhuwah Islamiyah, an organization which promotes brotherhood and better understanding of Muslims and the community. He is also an active member of Muhammadiyah. In addition, there are occasional requests and invitation to speak at sermons in mosque and the other Islamic forums. He performs these religious activities because he feels it his duty as a Muslim a positive contribution to the community.
In the academic front, Prof. Mursyidi’s guidance as a lecturer has produced many prominent figures in the scientific and academic community in Indonesia. Students who have had the opportunity and fortune to be under his guidance always regard him with respect and high esteem. In the university community, he has held various administrative leadership positions such as the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM, Chancellor of UMY, and a member of the UGM Senate. Before his retirement, he was the Director of the Center for Religious and Cross Culture Studies.
Our beloved professor is retiring and he will be missed very much by the academic community of UGM. We thank him for his contribution to our campus, his guidance as a lecturer, and his devotion as a community member the lasting imprint he has made on our campus will forever be in the history pages of UGM.

Taken from: Buku Panduan Seminar Internasional HALAL

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